Dookie doodler


Some people call me Bibi, others call me useless
Any pronouns
EN / Canto / VN
I like character design, merch making, and journaling.
I recently learned how pouring milk before cereal makes people angry and therefore refuse to change my ways.
My dream is to make art that brings a smile to others!
Thank you everyone for supporting that little dream of mine!!!


Page under construction

Commission openings are announced on my Discord first, then Twitter.
They are not first come first serve, but I work with limited slots each opening.
I don't use a waitlist.
Feel free to contact me on my socials any time on my socials or at with inquiries. Poke me again if I don't respond in 24 hours.


Fully rendered chibis

$70-80 USD each character
+$5 ~ $20 items, large props, each alternate change
2000px min canvas size
Price is for personal use

Merch printing

Ask me for more details on printing a one off for yourself, or handling merch production for Vtuber audiences.


$30 USD each
$25 USD each after 4 emotes
Please let me draw your characters with unusual expressions
Price is for commercial use

Chibi bundles

$35 USD each (minimum order 3)
$30 USD each after 5 chibis
Ideal for alerts, panels, and stickers
Price is for commercial use


BEFORE ORDERING-Clients must be 18 years of age or older to order a commission
-References with text heavy descriptions or piece by piece image compilations may require additional charge.
-Art I can not stream are an additional 30%
-Rush fees are an additional 25-50% of total price, depending on deadline
PERSONAL USE-Personal use for illustrations are NOT allowed to repost artwork anywhere.-No minting to sell as NFT, reprinting, redistributing, profiting, copying, referencing, tracing, or editing.COMMERCIAL USE
+%75 Commercial license (digital)
+%150 Printing commercial license (physical)
-If the artwork will be used for promotion of any kind, (ie. Streamer emotes, assets. banners, or posting on social media/websites) it will be considered commercial usage.-No minting to sell as NFT, reprinting, redistributing, profiting, copying, referencing, tracing, or editing.PAYMENT & REFUNDS-If I am unable to complete your commission within 3 months, or before the deadline agreed upon, you may ask for a cancellation of your order and a full refund-I do not accept cancellations or refunds prior to this time framePROCESS & DELIVERY-Any revisions or alterations at the preview sketch stage must be stated all at once, otherwise I am not obligated to make changes. Major revisions afterwards may require an additional fee.-You'll get a last chance for minor changes before final delivery of work. Details left out of reference/forgotten to be mentioned from sketch phase may require an additional fee.-Client will receive a digital copy of their illustration in full resolution without watermarks on them via link or email.-Upon delivery of completed work, there will be no revisions, refunds, or changes.