/ b a i ˈ b e e ː /


illustrator & vtuber

✧ a b o u t ✧

Please, just call me Bibi!
I'm an illustrator / merchandise artist based in Texas, USA.
I try my best to illustrate sincere moments of my favorite characters to express my love and appreciation for them! My favorite colors are yellow, various shades of green, and black!

✧ m e r c h a n d i s e ✧

studio store

etsy shop

inprnt (coming soon)

✧ c o n v e n t i o n s✧

Feb 10Komoricon (Austin)
May 18 - 19AnimeImpulseSEA AN18
May 31 - June 2Offkai (SanFrancisco)*

You may run into me at these events! I may not be there in person for everything listed, depending on my circumstances.* not confirmed

✧ c o m m i s s i o n s ✧


Contact me anytime for commercial workFor personal art, I have sporadic openings on Discord for my Twitch subscribers. Its also open for friends/mutuals.
Rare public slots can be found on Vgen and Twitter.


You can refer to my Vgen for estimated prices. Briefly let me know what you want drawn, as well as what it will be used for.Half body colored sketches start at $80,
and my chibis prices start at $60.

✧ c m _ q u e u e ✧

MizuDesign chibi+FBY75%-
cloverych coupleY0%-

✧ p e r s o n a l ✧

Sticker sheets (4)Feb 20
Chipi chipi chapa chapaFeb 28
OverlayMar 01
534 GOMar 15
Emotes (5)Mar 25

✧ t e r m s & u s a g e ✧

BEFORE ORDERING-Clients must be 18 years of age or older to order a commission-References with text heavy descriptions or piece by piece image compilations may require additional charge.+ %30 for art I can't share the process of (streaming/posting WIPs)+ %10-25 Rush fees of total price, depending on deadlinePERSONAL USE-Personal use can ONLY be used for iconCOMMERCIAL USE+ %75 Commercial license (digital)+ %150 Printing commercial license (physical)-If the artwork will be used for promotion of any kind, (ie. Streamer emotes, Discord stickers/emotes, digital assets, banners, or posting on social media/websites) it will be considered commercial usage.-No minting to sell as NFT, feeding to AI software, reprinting, redistributing, profiting, copying, referencing, tracing, or editing.PROCESS & DELIVERY-Any revisions or alterations at the preview sketch stage must be stated all at once. Clients have 3 "rounds" for listing out changes requested.-Aside from the sketch, previews may be sent at random intervals if I need feedback/confirmation. Free to request at any time.-You'll get a last chance to request minor changes before final delivery of work.-It is up to me, the artist, whether something is considered a minor or major change- and if I need to charge an additional fee for said requests.-Client will receive a digital copy of their illustration in full resolution without watermarks on them via link or email.PAYMENT & REFUNDS-If unable to complete your commission within 3 months, or before the deadline agreed upon, you may ask for a cancellation of your order and a full refund. If a refund is processed, you will not receive any artwork and any work in progress screenshots will be discarded.-If rush order commissions are not completed by deadline, you can ask for a refund for the rush fee and still receive your artwork. You will not receive a refund for the artwork itself.-I do not accept cancellations or refunds prior to these time framesLAST UPDATED MAY 8TH, 2023

✧ c o n t a c t ✧

By contacting me for a commission you are agreeing to the terms of service and usageIf I don't respond within 24 hours feel free to contact me anywhere else!Your preferred name: ___
Request: (personal/digital commercial/physical commerical)
Reference(s): ___
Expression.pose: ___
Extra notes: ___
Methods of payment: (paypal/ko-fi/venmo)

✧ b i b i ✧

Beep beep! Heyoooo~You'll usually find me drawing, doodling, chatting, and just being silly. I also enjoy doing handcam streams or playing simulation, rpg, and rhythm games!I love to banter and bully chat (affectionately).

/ l i v e /tuesdays - thursdays
8pm cst . 3am cest . 10am jst
18+ only

✧ h o r i z o n ' s _ g u e s t ✧

monochrome chronic
on, off panic
today, i'll
eat the toxic
your blood can't stay
let my air decay
bring a bouquet
"black or white?", ask the cosmic
colors they can't seem to pick
time ticks away
the water at my ankles glisten
and comforts my stay

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